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The cuisine, found in Andong, is mostly about how to brew the local spirits. The spirits , influenced by the original Korean culture, have experienced the vicissitude according to people's preference. A hard liquor is popular in a migratory society, and a light liquor is preferred in a settled and stable community. There are many kinds of home-brewed spirits such as Andong-Soju. This spirits are high-proof owing to the fact that the techniques of distillation were transmitted from nomadic Mongolian tribes during the Goryeo dynasty.

  Andong-Soju was very popular at that time in Korea, Manchuria, and Japan because of its fragrance; moreover, not only Yangbans but also commoners enjoyed it made in the traditional simple way. Its unique aroma, immaculate and racy aftertastes are still attracting people. Andong-Soju which was designated as the intangible cultural asset No. 12 by the Gyeongsangbuk provincial authorities also used to be utilized as medicine.