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The Andong-Soju(the Korean intangible cultural asset No. 12) is the highest proof alcoholic beverage made by fermentation in korea and has its origin in the ancient Korean state, Goryeo. Production of Andong-Soju reached a critical low because of insufficient provisions in the period when Korea was under the rule of the Japanese. However, after becoming independent from Japan and thanks to the Korean government's aggressive plan of restoration of traditional spirits, by the time the Asian games were held in 1986. The production of Andong-Soju could be maintained. Andong Soju was produced by Jo Ok-hwa who was the only person who possessed the know-how to manufacture Andong-Soju.

The Andong-Soju museum was founded to publicize the history and cultural importance of the Andong-Soju on the 20th of November in 2000. The origin and the manufacturing process of Andong-Soju, a description and a genealogical record of traditional Korean liquors, and a display of liquor bottles in chronological order are on exhibition in the museum. The museum has a place where people can experience how to make Andong-Soju, and a tasting room; moreover it also has traditional Korean food of the Andong province. Furthermore, ceremonious rite rules are on show in the traditional food museum. The museum puts 660 birthday party dishes of Elizabeth on show.