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The donation of relics could make private appreciation of materials be sublimated by public enjoyment. We can conserve the spirit of our ancestors by exhibiting preserving, and encouraging our citizens to cherish great traditions of the past. It is hoped that there are a lot of people who will agree with our position.

: all times of the year.
: the whole materials and data on domestic and foreign traditional
                                  spirits and native local foods.
  the request of donation and deposition(telephone and interview)
  Presenting an application of donation and deposition
  (the fixed form of the museum, appearance in the place)
  Discussing whether or not the museum accept donation and deposition and notifying the
   donator or the depositor about the decision.
  Taking over and turning over the materials
  Issuing the receipt for taking over(annexing the picture)
In case of deposition, the museum will state the depositing period in the receipt.
  Used as materials for exhibition, research, and education after registration of the
  museum's collection.
  Publishing an illustrated book according to the importance of the article in order to utilize
  it as an educational source.
  Utilized as the material for a special management program.
  Donators will be invited to all sorts of the exhibitions and events of the museum.
  the museum investigate and register the donated articles for exhibitions and researches and
  also to keep those in a good state of preservation, could treat the articles. there is a special
  exhibition of the donated articles.
  1. The Andong-Soju museum and the traditional food museum lends materials to promote
national consciousness and improve the good cultural sense.

2. If an organization or a group want to borrow the articles, it should apply with the following documents.
the quantity, title, classificatory number of the articles.
the purpose of lending
the period of lending
the depository and its condition of articles
the documents about how to take care of the articles.
the methode of conveyance

3. The museum can attach a condition for safe and secure conveyance.

4. the group or the organization that lent the articles should pay all of the expenses of conveyance, photographing, surveying actual measurement, packing the articles and follow the notice from The director of the Andong-Soju museum.
If an organization or a group that lent the articles lost or damage the articles, it should repair or compensate the museum, following the director's claim.
The director can request an organization or a group that lent the articles to carry insurance or offer properties security in order to guarantee compensation for damage or restoration of the articles.