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Jo Ok-hwa, the 20th Korean master of the traditional food and the only holder of the Andong-Soju manufacturing know-how, began a movement for the emancipation of women at the end of 1940.
She launched a enlightenment drive for women by teaching lessons in flower arrangement in the 1960's. Besides doing this, she also comforted soldiers by pickling vegetables for the winter and taking care of their clothes, and also, set up the first nongovernmental women's hall.
She decided to make the native local spirit in 1883. She restored the Andong-Soju which was carried by prestigious families in Andong, and Andong-Soju was designated as an intangible cultural asset by the Gyeongsangbuk provincial authorities on the 13th of may in 1987. Ms. Jo sorted out the best method of home-brewing between the methods that she learned from her husband's family and her own family, her manufacturing was successful with a lot of people who give a favorable reception to her spirits.